Eating Fast is Bad For Your Health

By Doc Willie Ong

Here are six possible harmful effects when you eat too fast.

1. You Will Gain Weight.

  •       Increased risk of being overweight.
  •       May consume more food and calories.
  •       You will feel hungrier afterwards.
  •       Eating quickly may disrupt gut hormones that regulate appetite.
  •      It takes 20 minutes for the brain to signal you are full.

2. You Have a Higher Risk for Diabetes.

  •        Fast eating in itself doesn’t cause type 2 diabetes.
  •        Higher risk for insulin resistance. (Study)
  •        Eating fast has been associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Up to 2.5 times more likely.

3. Higher Risk for Metabolic Syndrome and Heart Disease

  •  Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of factors that increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  •  Fast eaters were more likely to develop
  • metabolic syndrome. (Study)
  • ·         Fast eating had larger waistlines and low HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

4. You have Gastritis and Indigestion

  •       You get indigestion and upset stomach.
  •       Fast eating has been linked to erosive gastritis and ulcers — inflammation of stomach lining.
  •       In a study from Korea of 10,000 patients,
  • fast eaters had more erosive gastritis.
  •      Fast eaters overeat. Hence food may stay in stomach longer, and exposed to more acid.

5. You are Prone to Choking

  •       Some fast eaters choke on their food.
  •      Drink water before eating, especially sticky foods.

6. Less Satisfaction after Eating.

  •     Fast eaters rate their meals at less pleasant.
  •     Less satisfaction even after a full meal.
  •     Hence, they want to eat again.

Here are some tips to slow down eating:

  •       Sip on water. This will help you feel full and slow down.
  •       Chew thoroughly. Count 20 times as you chew each bite
  •       Choose High-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables.
  •       Take smaller bites. And slower bites.
  •       Put your fork down between each mouthful.
  •       Deliberately delay your food.
  •       Don’t get too hungry. 
  •        Practice mindful eating. Pay attention to your food.

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